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We are different

Our Innovative
Investment Approach

Individual focused

We believe you can have multiple risk profiles. For each risk, we manage a separate portfolio.

Objective risk assessment

We assess your risk based on behavioural science & quantitative data.

Remove human emotions

We designed & trained our investment system using AI machine learning. Our machine makes the investment decisions.

Forward looking

We use AI & harness computing power to assess future risk & return probabilities. Model portfolios are assessed in real-time.

Data-driven Investing

Data powers our AI machine learning investment engine. Disciplined, consistent, perfect memory – focused on you.

(vs the old ways)

Group Managed

You have one risk profile. Managed together with others – grouped in the same risk category.

Subjective risk assessment

Your risk is assessed using in-house questionnaires with no scientific basis.

Driven by human emotions

Final investment decisions by human managers. Affected by personalities, gut feel & seniority.

Backward looking

Model portfolios are stuck in time. Humans cannot digest real-time data to assess future investment scenarios.

Personality-driven Investing

A human manager decides. Emotive, inconsistent, imperfect memory – focused on the manager.

Unique & Innovative among Wealth Managers

We make Investing Simple & Smart

We aim for good risk-adjusted returns & create value for you
while you have more time to do the things you love

Transparent Investment Philosophy

Our algorithms are based on Nobel Prize winning Modern Portfolio Theory

Diversified Investment Strategy

Your portfolio is diversified globally.

Dynamic Asset Allocation

PIVOT’s AI-driven Factor Analytics Machine Learning Engine (FAME) goes beyond traditional static asset allocation.

By dynamically allocating across asset classes with low or negative correlations, we control portfolio volatility to preserve and grow your wealth.

Why Machines over Human?

4 game changers today

  1. Powerful & affordable computing power
  2. Always on cloud storage
  3. Hyper global connectivity
  4. Real-time data & analytics

allow machines to design, track & rebalance investment portfolios using latest market information.

In financial markets today, there is information overload at the speed of light.
Can you make sense of markets fast enough?

Machines can compute faster than a human brain. No emotions. No bias.

We apply Artificial Intelligence in Investing

Using your age, risk-reward behaviour & investment time horizon,
PIVOT creates a personalized investment management solution for you based on